Thursday, September 20, 2007

News from Kenya

Just got a text message from Caito and Ema in Kenya. They have been giving out cards with Ema's story on it and a phone number. They got two text messages today from a teacher they met in a village near Busia:

1)Hi I am looking and i have found somebody who says he knows that man. I will let you know as soon as I can contact him.

2)I have established that the guy Richard Juma belongs to a group of people that live far of from this area. By tomorrow afternoon i will give you a good report.

Hope is alive an well in all of us! Caito and Ema are doing fine. Their trip west from Nairobi was not easy though! It was supposed to be 6 hours but it took almost 18. The roads were very very bad. They said that they have met so many nice people along the way.

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plaiche said...

Please keep the updates flowing. Some of us are indeed following Emmanuel's story from afar....fingers crossed. I suspect that those on the other end of his search are about to receive a gift that they may need far more than he. (Inside joke: David Lee Roth's speed to them ;-)