Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Zuhura Back in School Thanks to Little People of America(LPA)!

Zuhura Twaha is the daughter of Mama Saadani, founder of our breakfast program. Zuhura had to leave high school a few years ago because she did not have the money to pay the fees. Zuhura has a condition known achondroplasia. People with this condition are often known as dwarves. Zuhura has never met another person with her condition, but she now knows that she has a community behind her....and reaching out to her.

We connected Zuhura to LPA Online, the Little People of America. Thanks to the efforts of Bill Bradford, LPA awarded Zuhura a scholarship of $500. The Wiseman family of Illionois matched that. Together the two awards will cover food, lodging and education for Zuhura for one year at boarding school. Zuhura starts the llth grade (Form 5) in January and could not be happier. Thank you Bill Bradford, the Wiseman family and LPA!

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